In order to carry out all projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
photo Bomar, Gary
Directing the budgeted funds to the benefit of young persons involved in the agriculture community through the 4-H Horse Show and other 4-H and FFA Projects in Taylor County. Also help solicit volunteers for these events and the WestTexas Fair & Rodeo.
Bailey Choate Award Committee
photo Laster, Dennis
This award honors a long-standing member of our club who goes above and beyond the call of duty and responsibility in serving the children and needy of our community. This committee is made up of a current vice president and two previous club presidents who are selected by the chair.
Blood Bank & American Heart
photo Berry, Russell
Gives direction to the club's efforts to support the Blood Bank and American Heart Association.
Boy Scouts of America Troop 206
photo Wolfe, Bobbie-Lee
Serves as a liaison for interaction between the Kiwanis Club of Abilene and the Boy Scout troop which we sponsor.
Boys and Girls
photo Carter, Jerry
Promotes the welfare of local children and youth organizations by providing financial support based on recommendation and need.
Club Satellite
photo Gantt, Laquiera
Satellite members who cannot attend regular Wednesday meetings meet once a month. They participate in Committees and fundraisers as well as create their own service projects such as helping with Fall Festivals.
Coat Project
photo Young, Twyla
This committee collects coats to distribute to those in need during the winter months.
Community Service
photo Paige, Don
Promotes the welfare of adult citizens and organizations such as the Food Bank, Hope Haven, Adult Day Care, Meals on Wheels, etc., and distributes budgeted funds to support their efforts.
photo Nix, Clinton
Administers the election of officers, process and counts the votes, then reports the results to the club. They also function as the counters for other issues that require a club vote.
Financial Review
photo Poynor, Ken
photo Kentz, Larry
This committee, determined by vote of the club board annually, consists of two or more qualified (financial or accounting experience) club members excluding any board members. The committee is responsible for completing an annual examination of financial records of the club including, but not limited to, bank reconciliations, income, disbursements, budgets, balance sheets and income and expense statements for both the administrative and service accounts.
Foundation Scholarship and Valedictorian/Salutatorian Recognition Program
photo Miller, Nancy
(the previous year’s Club President chairs this committee and appoints a committee to serve with him/her.) Administers the scholarship program of the Club that is funded through the Club’s Foundation. Each year, the Board will determine the dollar amount available and the number of awards to be given in scholarships. This committee notifies the schools of the scholarship, screens the applicants, selects the scholarship recipients, and then notifies the scholarship recipients and their parents to attend the recognition program. This committee selects the speaker for the Valedictorian/Salutatorian and Scholarship Recipient program and works with the school counselors to invite the local Valedictorians and Salutatorians and their parents to the program.
photo Anderson, Marty
Committee meets and greets members and guests each meeting with a handshake and smile and a hearty welcome. It is important that the members of this committee arrive early and greet until a few minutes before noon.
photo Williams, Earl
This committee guides the club in placing Kiwanis gumball machines throughout the city and provides monthly reports about our income. Money raised is funneled into children’s projects.
photo Kincaid, Richard
Members of this committee arrive early for each meeting to set up button display, registration tables, banner displays, and other necessary arrangements required by the president and speakers. They also put up and pick up when the meeting is over. They are also available to place on each table any handouts that the program might have that day.
International Project
photo Spargo, Becky
Investigate opportunities for our club to participate and help fund a youth project outside the United States. The committee cooperates with Kiwanis International on such projects.
Kiwanian of the Year President will appoint one of the 5 committee members. The Committee is made up of the past 5 recipients. This committee meets each year to select a member of the club who has demonstrated outstanding membership in terms of leadership, involvement, and attendance during the year
photo Carr, Brandon
This committee is responsible for the production of the weekly Kiwanigram.
Kiwanis Directory
photo Laster, Dennis
The president of the club is responsible to develop and distribute the Kiwanis Club of Abilene Directory.
Meals On Wheels
photo Hoogstra, Bill
This is a service committee that every member could participate in. Volunteers serve meals to those members of our community who would go hungry otherwise.
Melvin Martin First Responder Award
photo Martin, Melvin
This award recognizes a member of our community or area who has played a major role in rendering aid or rescuing or saving another person’s life during the year. The recipient will be recognized at the club meeting closest to September 11th, and the committee will arrange a special speaker for this program.
photo Curtis-Carr, Christine
photo Martin, Maryann
Leads the club in membership awareness by having several initiatives during the year to encourage members to invite prospects. Receives applications for membership in our club, and recommends to the board or denies in committee. The membership committee is made up of three sub committees: 1.Attendance and Retention 2.Care and Support 3.Education and Orientation
Membership - Attendance and Retention
photo Curtis-Carr, Christine
photo Martin, Maryann
Responsible for registration of members and guests and contacts those who miss the club meeting three times in a row to determine if the club can be of service...mainly to let them know that they are missed.
Membership - Care and Support
photo Curtis-Carr, Christine
photo Martin, Maryann
Sends cards, makes phone calls, and stays in touch with members who are in need of special support.
Membership - Education and Orientation
photo Curtis-Carr, Christine
photo Martin, Maryann
Works on developing an effective orientation for new members, and looks for ways to quickly assimilate new members into the Club and its activities.
Nominating Committee
photo Miller, Nancy
The nominating committee shall nominate the club's officers and directors as set forth in the club's bylaws and operating procedures. The past five presidents of the club and the club secretary will serve as the nominating committee, with the most recent president serving as the Chairman of said committee.
Pancake Day
photo Roewe, Randy
This is the primary service project of our club and every member is on this committee. Every member is expected to sell tickets and work on Pancake Day if at all possible. The overall chairman is the President-Elect, but there are many others who are vital to its successful completion.
photo Christensen, Lora Lynn
photo Hoover, Mark
Meets as scheduled every month to review programs of the past month; plans and arranges future programs.
Public Relations - Newspaper/Ki-Notes/Social Media
photo Gantt, Laquiera
photo Morales, Yelithza
This is a sub committee for Public Relations. Serves to present to our community through the media the activities of our club, primarily the engender interest for membership, but to let the community know of all the good we do to help youth and adults. Also communicates our activities to Division 35 through the Ki-Notes
Public Relations - Radio/TV
photo Bacon, David
Serves to present to our community through the media the activities of our club, primarily to engender interest for membership, but o to let the community know of all the good we do to help youth and adults. Also communicates our activities to Division 35 through the Ki-Notes.
Ramp Building
photo Jones, Kelly
This is a service project of a statewide nature, initiated in our local club to construct ramps to the homes of disabled citizens of our community.
Serve our Schools - Bringing Up Grades (BUG)
photo Breed, Jamie
Volunteers from our club provide certificates, pins and other prizes for each student in the 3rd or 4th grade at Reagan Elementary who makes the BUG Honor Roll for the 6 weeks grading period. Students achieve the BUG Honor Roll by maintaining their grades from the previous 6 weeks PLUS bringing up at least one subject by a letter grade. All students who achieve the BUG Honor Roll at least once during the year get to attend the end of year party given by our club.
Serve Our Schools - Reading at Reagan Elementary
photo Ruiz, John
Volunteers from our club read and listen to K-3rd grade students at Reagan Elementary (our adopted school) for 30 minutes to 1 hour a week. Through this committee we also contribute books to give to students, as well as provide funds to help in purchasing workbooks for the students in the lower grades.
Service Leadership Programs (SLP)
photo Young, Mark
This committee looks for ways and means to establish and support the Kiwanis Family organizations such as Kiwanis Kids in elementary schools, Builders Clubs in middle schools, Key Clubs in high schools, Circle K Clubs in the university and colleges, and Aktion Clubs for adults with disabilities. This committee is made up of three sub-committees: 1. Aktion Club 2. Builders Club 3. Key Club
Service Leadership Programs (SLP) - Aktion Club
photo Poynor, Gary
This committee looks for ways and means to establish and support the Kiwanis Family organizations through Aktion Clubs for Adults with Disabilities
Service Leadership Programs (SLP) - Builders Club
photo Young, Mark
This committee looks for ways and means to establish and support the Kiwanis Family organizations through Builders Clubs in middle schools.
Service Leadership Programs (SLP) - Key Club
photo Wiskow, Amanda
This committee looks for ways and means to establish and support the Kiwanis Family organizations such as Key Clubs in High Schools.
Sophomore of the Year
photo Carnohan, Chris
photo Carnohan, Kristen
In the fall this committee will send information about the T-O Foundation Board scholarship program for Sophomore of the Year to the schools assigned to our club (Cooper, ACHS, Anson, ATEMS, Premier and Baird for 2014-2015). This committee reviews the applicants and selects a Sophomore of the Year from our club who will be recognized at a club meeting. Our selectee is then submitted to our Lt. Governor who will select a Sophomore of the Year for Division 35 from the nominees of all the clubs in Division 35. The winner of Division 35 is then submitted along with winners from the other Divisions for consideration of the Texas/Oklahoma Foundation Board scholarship. Complete information is available at the Texas/Oklahoma District Office.
Special Programs/Activities
photo Ellison, Tammi
Plans, organizes, and implements the social activities of the club to include the annual Celebration Banquet.
Spiritual Aims
photo Williams, Randall
This committee keeps us focused on the first objective of Kiwanis. . .that of giving primacy to the human and spiritual values in life rather than the material. They do this in a variety of ways by being responsible for: (1) the weekly devotional in the Kiwanigram, (2) engaging a member of the club to offer the prayer at the meeting each week, (3) arranging for three programs of the year and communicating with the Program Committee regarding those arrangements (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter programs) and (4) initiating efforts to select the layman of the year from our club to be identified to the Lt. Governor for consideration in the Division award.
Vocational Guidance Award Program
photo Gantt, Laquiera
Committee coordinates with the schools in selecting and recognizing the local, outstanding high school vocational students at the end of the year. The committee also awards at least two scholarships of at least $500 to local vocational students. The committee selects the speaker for and plans this annual club program held in May where the honorees and scholarship recipients are recognized along with their parents. This committee is made up of all members of our Club Satellite.
Young Children Priority One/Children's Miracle Network (CMN)
photo Laster, Cynthia
photo Weeks, Sherry
Identifies and implements projects for children, pre-natal through age five. Projects can address maternal and child health, childcare, early development, nutrition, parenting education and support, pediatric trauma, and safety.